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Peach Mango Bubbly

by The Guilty Grape. 

Sometimes guilty;
Always good!

Sophisticated and casual in the same sip! We’ve taken a little bit of class and married it with a little bit of sass. This sparkling wine is as comfortable at a cocktail party as it is at brunch. Dressed up or down, this is your perfect pairing!

A bubbly blend of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and Symphony grapes. Sourced from Northern California.

Tasting notes

Gas evidence (sparkling effervescence): Yes
Color: Gold/orange
Nose: Mango, peach
Palate structure: Medium body, Sweet, Tropical, Citric
Palate flavor: Mango, Peach

Best served around 40°F. 
Chill with ice in a champagne bucket.
Alcohol 11.5% By Volume. 
Net Contents 750 ml.

Serve in our Diamond Stemless glassware, available in Amber and Iridescent colorways.

Our glassware has a wide base, perfect for the aeration and oxygenation of your wine, elevating the bouquet and adding depth to the flavor imparted in the wine itself.

And visually, our glasses look magnificent!

Best paired with

A charcuterie board of hard, soft, and smoked cheeses with plenty of cured meats

Decadent and creamy pasta dishes

Boundless brunch preparations

A table full of besties!

Peach Mango Bubbly is produced with a bubbly blend of three California grapes.

Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and Symphony, with additional peach and mango flavors instilled. 

We employ the méthode traditionelle to impart the sparkling effervescence we all know and love: ferment the wine in oak barrels, and then secondary fermentation happens in the bottles, where the sparkling element comes alive. Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s yours!

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